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While this version is no longer actively maintained, it remains online both for historical reasons, and as an alternative to older clients and devices that do not support the features available on our new site. Further, please note that some tools and pages on this old website have been disabled for security reasons and will unfortunately only be available on the new website. I do sincerely apologize for this, but this website is a one-man operation, I simply do not have enough time to patch all tools on the old site since that would take away from the already-limited time that I do have to work on the new site.


On this page you can find some projects that I have worked on. This is not an exhaustive list— many projects are either closed-source, private (for one reason or another), or are simply not shown here as I have not had the time to post them here.

Computer Builds

A memoir and a ledger of sorts, documenting notable computer system builds that I have worked on.

QuickLinks™: Third-Party

Save time with QuickLinks&trade, a small "database" of links to popularly-accessed resources and pages on many popular modern-day websites.

Site Barebone Templates

The HTML page templates that I designed that come together to build this entire website.