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While this version is no longer actively maintained, it remains online both for historical reasons, and as an alternative to older clients and devices that do not support the features available on our new site. Further, please note that some tools and pages on this old website have been disabled for security reasons and will unfortunately only be available on the new website. I do sincerely apologize for this, but this website is a one-man operation, I simply do not have enough time to patch all tools on the old site since that would take away from the already-limited time that I do have to work on the new site.


You can adjust various settings on this page to customize your experience while browsing the site.



Display Language:

This website attempts to automatically detect your preferred display language based on the usual information that your web browser sends to the server and will default to English if the language is unsupported. You can manually select your preferred display language here by selecting another language from the available choices and override the aforementioned default behavior.

Please Note:* Individual content on the site is published in increments in English, and individual content is translated to other languages only after being finalized in English. Because the website is currently a work-in-progress, this is particularly important because it can take a while even for the English content to be complete (let alone non-English translations). You can always come back to this page and revert the display language to English if you wish to view content on a page that is not yet translated.

Date Format: Universal (Example: Saturday, June 10, 2023)
Universal, Short (Example: Sat, Jun 6, 2023)
MM/DD/YYYY (Example: 06/10/2023)
MM-DD-YYYY (Example: 06-10-2023)
YYYY/MM/DD (Example: 2023/06/10)
YYYY-MM-DD (Example: 2023-06-10)
DD/MM/YYYY (Example: 10/06/2023)
DD-MM-YYYY (Example: 10-06-2023)

A number of formats are supported for displaying dates throughout this website. If you wish to use a different format than the default, please choose your preferred format from the available options above.

  • Universal: This is the default option which aims to fulfill the best of all typical region formats by displaying the full name of the month, day, date, and year.
  • Universal, Short: This is similar to the Universal format, with the difference that the names of the month and day are shortened.
  • MM/DD/YYYY: Shorthand date form (United States).
  • MM-DD-YYYY: Shorthand date form (United States).
  • YYYY/MM/DD: Shorthand date form (United States, Canada, China, etc.)
  • YYYY-MM-DD: Shorthand date form (United States, Canada, China, etc.)
  • DD/MM/YYYY: Shorthand date form (United Kingdom, France, Italy, etc.)
  • DD-MM-YYYY: Shorthand date form (United Kingdom, France, Italy, etc.)

Theme: Light Mode, Normal (Full)
Light Mode, Disable Background
Light Mode, Disable Background + Images
Light Mode, Disable Background + Images + Font Awesome™
Light Mode, Basic
Dark Mode, Normal (Full)
Dark Mode, Disable Background
Dark Mode, Disable Background + Images
Dark Mode, Disable Background + Images + Font Awesome™
Dark Mode, Basic
Disable All Styles

This website supports a number of different display modes to allow visitors to optimize their browsing experience. For example, visitors with slower connections can opt to use another mode to make the site faster by effectively reducing the size of the data that will be transferred over the network.

  • Normal (Full): This is the default view of the website, and allows all features to be available for the full website experience.
  • Disable Background: This mode disables the rendering of background images for the entire website and fills the background with only a solid background color.
  • Disable Background + Images: This mode applies the same effect as the above option, in addition to prohibiting all images on the site from being displayed.
  • Disable Background + Images + Font Awesome™: This website makes use of the enterprise Font Awesome™ Professional font system to provide user-friendly icons. Unfortunately, using this system does reduce the speed of websites due to the large amount of extra data that must be transferred over the network. This mode applies the same effects as the previous options and also disables rendering and loading of all Font Awesome™ resources.
  • Basic: This mode applies the same effects as the previous options, and disables custom fonts from being used on the website.
  • Disable All Styles: This mode disables all custom style definitions, and the website will display with the default HTML/CSS styles as defined by your browser. No effects from the previous options are applied.

The Display Mode options above are available in both Light and Dark variants. Dark mode was introduced in Version 3.00 Pre-Alpha 4.2 (Build 19617).

Starting with Version (Build 2067), dynamic background images have been deprecated. As such, all related Disable Background selection options have been removed since they are no longer applicable.