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While this version is no longer actively maintained, it remains online both for historical reasons, and as an alternative to older clients and devices that do not support the features available on our new site. Further, please note that some tools and pages on this old website have been disabled for security reasons and will unfortunately only be available on the new website. I do sincerely apologize for this, but this website is a one-man operation, I simply do not have enough time to patch all tools on the old site since that would take away from the already-limited time that I do have to work on the new site.

DBMXPCA Technologies

DBMXPCA Technologies is an alias that I (Christopher) use to refer to myself over the Internet, in-place of my full name. It is not an actual company or organization, and is usually used when referencing software or scripts that I have designed or written, or services that I offer, such as this Internet website. DBMXPCA is a permutation of the alias "dbm" and the letters "XP" and "CA", initials of my father and myself, respectively.

This website began its journey in 2018 when I initially registered the domain. It started out as a single HTML page with some PHP and JavaScript. On May 1st, 2019, Revision 3 of this website began from scratch and marked the beginning of attempt to "pave the way" to a new type of website on the large-scale Internet that is all-so-popular in today's day and age. The Internet is a tremendous resource, and I have always admired the many popular websites and services that have been built to withstand the traffic demand of potentially millions of visitors at any given time. But I couldn't help but wish that some of even the most popular and invaluable sites would take a new approach and ditch the rude and pesky "trends" that simply need not exist. I am referring to the act of me reading an article, only to be rudely interrupted by a website and be nagged to sign-in or sign-up. I am referring to the process of me browsing a website, only to be bombarded with a Javascript pop-up that blacks-out the entire website content in order to force me to enter my email address to get spammed by their useless newsletters each week or month. I am talking about websites that make a simple button so large that it fills up the entire size of one's screen or puts an advertisement in the very beginning of the page, pushing the page's content way down, requiring me to scroll for what seems like hours to get to it. I am certain that I am not alone in this. I am sure that there are plenty who share the frustrations of browsing many of the modern day Internet websites.


Still, I remain humble and try to be a logical and realistic human being. I do not have any expectations for my website to "cure" the "diseases" plaguing many modern day websites. It most likely will not do anything. And quite frankly, that is alright. If even a few people at least notice my attempts to make a difference, that in itself is more than I can truly ask for. And with that,

Welcome to my personal website.

There are no instrusive advertisements (though if you do not wish to see them at all, you can disable them completely by navigating to Preferences). And there are no newsletters. I will not bother you to hand-over your email address or any other personal information, and in-fact, I will not bother you at all. I hope you are able to appreciate the peaceful and harmonic experience for which I explicitly designed my website to be able to deliver.

I hope you enjoy your visit.

If you need any help or assistance with anything regarding the website, please feel free to check the dedicated Support Center that I have designed and written myself. It is still a work-in-progress, but will hopefully still be able to be of some assistance nevertheless. And if all-else fails, feel free to shoot me a message.


The website was built and is powered by many software and hardware technologies including those shown below.


* Note: All logos and trademarks are the sole property of their respective owners.


* Note: All logos and trademarks are the sole property of their respective owners.

Special Thanks

Even though I wrote this website myself, special thanks goes to the following awesome people for their help:


For his help in rigorously putting my site to the test (such as troll-testing), spotting and reporting bugs, giving great suggestions, nagging me to support the Google Chrome web browser, and his help to solve the various occassional styling issues that I have had due to my inexperience with CSS. Be sure to check out his website at https://gilly.me/.


For him not only offering, but actually sending me his templates to make my life easier (even though I did not use them— but it is the thought that counts), and offering his thoughts and expertise opinions which were very insightful thanks to his extensive experience. If it weren't for him, I might have still been using some slow, bloated, and unnecessary commercial software to render the site. Be sure to check out his websites at https://www.agentpr24.com and https://www.net2go.solutions.